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Strategic Business, Branding, and Marketing Company Continues to Enjoy Steady Growth


New York, NY, April 5, 2019 –Masqueraider Marketing is celebrating 15 years of business in 2019.  The firm, which formally became an independent entity in January of 2004, is enjoying strong growth from both existing and new clients.

“Amazingly, the industry continues to be slow to react in many cases, when it comes to adapting to the changing needs of Corporate America’s business and marketing professionals,” commented Chuck Hirsch, President.  “Everyone is fighting for revenue, and margins are squeezed for a variety of reasons.  It’s difficult to offer clients the level of service and commitment that is required for true thought leadership to flourish. It’s critically important to be perceived to be authentic, and to continue to prove it every day.  We need to be unique, consistent, and allow clients, particularly smaller organizations, start-ups and/or clients that do not have huge budgets bridge the gap between having “employees” and an outsourced marketing and communication solution. We think we’ve done that for the last 15 years, and we hope to do it for another 15 years,” commented Mr. Hirsch.

About Masqueraider Marketing

Established in 2004, Masqueraider Marketing was created to offer a fundamentally different way that a service and solutions provider can help clients better clarify and define their business, branding and marketing challenges and opportunities.

We combine service-side, company-side and business & technology consulting expertise into a formidable solutions resource. We accelerate message impact and effectiveness through an integration of traditional, digital and social/dual communication channels.

Masqueraider Marketing is an alliance partner with a number of other best-in-class companies, forming an umbrella organization known as “Wovn Group.”  The firm is headquartered in Westchester, NY, and works with clients across the US and Europe.